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General Rules

  • The college is pledged to strict vegetarianism. Taking of meat, eggs, fish or any non vegetarian preparation thereof is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  • The college enforces simplicity in dress. The wearing of all kinds of gold and diamond ornaments is also discouraged.
  • A student who wishes to withdraw from the college can do so by sending an application addressed to the Principal duly signed by the guardian.
  • Guardians and parents will please note that visitors are not allowed to see the students during college hours.
  • The visiting hours for general public to meet the Principal are from 12.00noon to 1.30 p.m.
    Any Student who misbehaves or creates nuisance in the college will be fined heavily

Important Rules and Regulations

  • At the time of admission each student is issued a library-cum- identity card. Always keep this card in purse it can be checked any time.
  • The college will start at 9 A.M. All students should be punctual. Students who are coming from far off places should make their own arrangements. No excuse will be entertained for their coming late to the college.
  • Students will not be allowed to miss the classes while in the campus. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulters.
  • Leave must be sanctioned from college authorities in advance up to 2 days from the Tutor and more than up to 2 days from Principal.
  • Medical leave will be granted by the Principal. The leave application should be supported by a valid medical certificate, and recommended by your tutor.
  • Students are advised to see the notice board daily. No excuse will be entertained if a student fails to read any important notice. The consequences of this neglect will rest upon the student. Students are not allowed to remove any notice from the notice board, which has been put up by the college. Such students if identified will be fined or liable to disciplinary action. Students are advised to actively participate in all activities of the college, so their teachers can help them in identifying their talents. Always keep perfect discipline and decorum

Leave Rules

  • Leave for absence from the college should be applied personally by a student on the prescribed from available form the college office.
  • Leave will be sanctioned by the Principal on the recommendation of the tutor of the student and must be got sanctioned before it is availed of. In case of illness the application should be supported by a medical certificate.

House Examination / Attendence

  • House tests will be held twice a year. Both test will be compulsory for the students as 50 marks Internal Assessment will be sent on the basis of performance of house tests, class tests and assignments.
  • Monthly tests in all the subjects will be mandatory for B.Ed. class.
  • Exemption from any House Examination or Monthly Test will not be given except under very extreme circumstances.
  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students who absent themselves from the House Examination or Monthly tests.
  • Students will have to secure at least 40% marks in each examination or else, they will not be allowed to appear in the final exams. Any student, who fails to appear in any of the examination papers, for whatever reason, will not be entitled to annual academic prize.
  • No mercy test will be conducted in the college. Hence the internal assessment of the students who fail to appear in the examination will not be sent.
  • At least 75% attendance will essential to appear in the annual examination. Special reward will be given to those with 100% attendance.
  • Heavy Fine will be imposed to the rule breakers.


Wearing of the College uniform is compulsory during College hours and at the College functions.

FOR GIRLS – Uniform consists of all over peach Colour Suit and days of wearing uniform are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

FOR BOYS – Uniform consists of fawn Shirt and Brown pent Brown Turban (optional) and days of wearing uniform are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.