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Feed Back Analysis Report (2020-21)

A.S. College of Education understands that an effective teaching learning system followed by
an educational institution needs continuous refinement. The college adopts a feedback system
that takes suggestion from different stakeholders of the B.Ed. programme. This eventually
helps in fine-tune teaching learning process and curriculum. Student feedback is taken for every
course in each semester and at the end of the programme to provide objective information to
the faculty for self -appraisal, self -improvement and development. The college cannot change
the curriculum as it is designed by the university, but can make efforts and improvements to
successfully impart it. With this purpose in mind the suggestions given by students were studied
and administrative committee has made an action plan to be implemented in the coming
• Course plans for the next year would be prepared for more effective teaching and to
ensure timely completion of syllabus.
• Teachers have been advised to conduct workshops, certified programs and guest
lectures by experts to fill the gaps in curriculum.
• It is proposed to hold orientation programmes for the teachers in the beginning of the
session to improve the teaching standards.
• Subscription of Educational Journals needed.
Action Taken
• Preparation of Unit Plans before commencement of academic session.
• Teachers conducted workshops and certified program on teaching aids started in the
• Teacher’s attended various faculty development programmes.
• More educational journals subscribed.