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A.S. College of Education is striving to imbibe the teaching learning process with unique blend of intellectual vigour and ethical Engagement . It was indeed a blessed day in the history of academic development when in 2007 this college was established . This society is translating dreams into reality and envisaged a utopian feature by providing quality education to people of Khanna & surrounding areas.


It aims at fostering an environment which is conducive to intellectual, ethical and civic development of students. This demands a partnership between the institution, staff and students. We expect our employees and students to behave well within and beyond the college gates. It is with this intention that we have Code of conduct.

This page indicates the standard rules, practices and procedures of A.S. College of Education College with respect to Principal, staff and students. It is incumbent for them to abide by code of conduct which shall serve as a guiding compass for them.



Code of Conduct for Governing Body

·       Appointing, confirming, promoting, fining, degrading and dismissing members of the staff.

·       Granting leave in accordance with the rules laid down by the managing committee

·       Awarding scholarships

·       Considering and proposing changes in the scheme of studies.

·       Making arrangements for physical education and welfare of the students.

·       Considering , Discussing and modifying, if necessary budget prepared by the principal before its submission to the managing committee.

·       Preparing list of holidays.

·       Considering and deciding matters relating to the discipline, efficiency and improvement  and general welfare of the institution.

Code of Conduct for Principal

·       Distribution of work amongst the staff.

·       Admission, promotion and detention of students.

·        Grant of fee concessions and award of stipends to deserving students.

·        Imposition of fines and remissions thereof.

·        Disciplinary action and imposition of penalties

·        Expenditure out of Amalgamated Fund.

·       Appointment and dismissal of Peons, Laboratory Assistants, Bearers, etc.

·       Grant of leave to the staff.

·        Organization of extramural activities.

·       To meet an emergency, temporary appointment of a member of the teaching staff and other staff up to a period of six months against a sanctioned post.

·       Writing off a loss of at least three Library books per thousand at the time of annual stock taking.

  • Be fair to personnel and students.
  • Assume responsibility and accountability for his/her performance.
  • Maintain good moral character.
  • Not fake records or direct others to do so.
  • Not knowingly misappropriate, divert or use money, property or equipment committed to his charge for personal advantage.
  • Not reveal confidential information unless required by law.
  • Make concerted efforts to communicate to parents all information which should be revealed in interest of students.

Code of Conduct for Teachers

·       Leave can not be claimed as a matter of right. When the exigencies of the services so require, discretion to refuse or revoke leave of any description is reserved to the authority empowered to grant it.

·       The nature of leave due and applied for by a teacher cannot be altered at the option of the sanctioning authority. So, while it is open to the sanctioning authority to refuse or revoke leave due and applied under this rule it is not open to him to alter the nature of such leave.

·       No teacher may leave his headquarters during Sundays or holidays and or any kind of leave without the written permission of the Principal of the college.

·       Sundays and other holidays may be prefixed or suffixed or both to leave subject to any limit of absence on leave prescribed under each kind of leave.

·       The Principal shall have the authority to change the date of commencement of leave granted to a college teacher on his own or on request from him/her.

·       Any kind of leave under these rules may be granted in combination with or in continuation of any other kind of leave but not with casual leave.

·       The authority which grants leave to a college teacher can convert it retrospectively into leave of different kind which may be admissible as on the date on which the conversion is sought but the concerned college teacher cannot claim it as a matter of right.

Code of Conduct for Support Staff

·       Every member of the non-teaching staff unless he is appointed in a temporary shall be on probation for a period of one year. This period may be extended by not more than one year for reasons to be placed on record. On the expiry of the period of probation and on the recommendations of the Principal a member of the non-teaching staff will be confirmed if he is found to be efficient and his work and conduct satisfactory.

·       The appointment and punishment of the Ministerial staff, Assistant Librarian, Lecture Assistant, Store-Keeper, Electrician/Mistry and Dispenser shall rest with the Governing Body of the College.

·       A temporary appointment of staff in these categories for a period up to three months may be made by the Principal against a sanctioned post.

The following penalties may, for a good and sufficient reason be imposed upon an employee :

Minor Penalties :

·       Censure.

·        Withholding of increments or Promotion.

·         Recovery from pay of the whole or part of any pecuniary loss caused to the college by negligence or breach of orders.

 B. Major Penalties :

(iv) Reduction to a lower post or time scale or to a lower stage in the time scale. (v) Removal from service of the college which does not disqualify from future appointment.

 (vi) Dismissal from service of the college.

                                                                           The Principal may suspend any non-teaching employee in case of serious misconduct. The suspended employee shall be served with a charge-sheet and informed in writing of the grounds on which action is proposed to be taken against him. During the period of suspension, the suspended employee shall be paid half-pay plus allowances, as subsistence allowance. If ultimately the non-teaching staff member is removed from service on account of serious misconduct or moral turpitude notice for removal shall not be required nor will any salary be paid in lieu thereof.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • Make it a habit to see the college notice board daily.
  • Be regular and punctual to class.
  • Practice and promote integrity, sincerity and self discipline at all times.
  • Be brief in talk whether on phone or in person.
  • Use his time fruitfully and in a planned way to complete the various tasks and go college library during free period.
  • Promote the concept of ‘dignity of labor’ and help in keeping the college premises neat and clean.
  • Use college property with care and park your vehicles at the proper place only.
  • Don’t Put up or remove any notice from notice board without permission of the Principal.
  • Don’t Organize any meetings or programmes or collect money within the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Don’t Gossip in the hall or loiter in college lawns during free periods.
  • Don’t Meet visitors during college hours without permission.