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Anti-Ragging  Cell  should  be  one  of  the   important  part  of  Educational  Institution”s   mechanism.  As  per  the  guidelines  of  UGC  under  the  act  of  1956,  which  is  modified  as   UGC  regulations  on  curbing  the  menace  of  Ragging  in  higher  Educational  Institutions,  2009,  establishment  of  Anti  Ragging  Cell  is  very  compulsory.

Suggestion boxes are kept at strategic places in the college where students can drop in any complaint\ grievance without any fear. Verbal complaint received from students representatives are take cognizance in grievance redressal cell  meetings. The student association also play an important role in redressing student grievances by bringing it to the notice of the authorities as well  as bringing constructive suggestions. Open door policy and easy approachability of authorities help to  resolve complaints on the spot..


Anti-Ragging  Committee  will  be  the  supervisory  and  advisory  committee  in   preserving  a  culture  of  Ragging  Free  Environment  in  the  college  campus .

Punishment  to  those found  guilty .

Any  student  or  group  of  students  found  guilty  of  ragging  in  the  campus  or  even  the  campus  shall  be  liable  to  one  or  more  of  the  following  punishment .

  • Debarring from  appearing  in  any  sessional  test  /  University  Examination  Suspension  from  attending  privileges  Withdrawing  scholarships  other 
  • Suspension from  the  college  cancellation  of  the  admission  Withholding  the 



  1. Mrs. Alka Sharma
  2. Mr. Piyush Kant

TEACHER INCHARGES ( 2021 onwards)

  1. Mr. Hari krishan
  2. Dr. Vimal Vidushy
  3. Dr. Gurmeet Singh